| 2017-09-21 16:13:44    標簽: Founded in Germany during 1993 LORENTZ has pioneered, innovated and excelled in the engineering and manufacturing of solar powered water pumping. We design, develop and manufacture the widest range of solar pumps of any company. Mechanical, electronic and software design is all in-house with a specialized team that have been working in solar pumping for 20 years. Our design activities are focused in our Global Headquarters and Technology Center just outside of Hamburg, Germany.


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  • 解決方案
  • 效果
  • 工程師不會英文
  • 駐場全英文工程師1名
  • 溝通順暢,工作高效
  • 桌面運維
  • 駐場全英文工程師1名
  • 桌面辦公設備得到保障,包括硬件、軟件
  • 辦公網絡不能正常使用
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  • 網絡使用變成英文,提升操作效率